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Key Note at Global Partner Meeting of Theron Advisory Group

Understanding allows anticipation: ESG reporting ist not about numbers. It’s about pressure to change. – It’s not a bureaucratic burden only, it narrows options & creates risks, rewards early movers. Many companies are forced to transform substantially.

Geopolitical developments strengthen the drivers for Inflation. ESG & inflation – both are here to stay.

Messages, effects and measures I do share during my ESG-C-Suite-Sparrings & risk advisory as well as in speeches & key notes. Outside the expert groups impacts can be anticipated barely. But: Any business strategy, restructuring, investment – any consulting project & legal advisory  – they all have to take them into account to allow sustainable success. And it might affect the advisory business model, too.

In a key note at Global Partner Meeting of Theron Advisory Group in Berlin I shared main reasons and their consequences:
➡️ ESG reporting focusses on materials, supply Chain & production process.
➡️ External Financing will strongly depend on adherence and progress.
➡️ ESG standards narrow material & sourcing options.
➡️ Inflation drivers conflicts & distancing (De-risking China, De-globalization & Friendshoring“) reduce sourcing options further.
➡️ Innovation focus shifts from „Convenience“ to „Core“.
➡️ „Customer Centricity“ is replaced by „Product Centricity“.
➡️ Competition moves from markets to supply chain. From Selling to Sourcing. Supply Chain & Production turn into key success areas across most industries.

Surprise & Understanding, Inspiration & Impulse for discussion on consequences for own company and business model. That’s what a good key note is supposed to achieve. This one did. It was a pleasure. To be continued.


Key Note at Global Management Meeting of Drägerwerk AG & Co.KGaA – „ESG & Inflation – How circumstances change.“ Link.

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