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Key Note at Annual Management Meeting of Drägerwerk, Lübeck.

Inflation & ESG – Both still unfamiliar, „unchartered territories“ partially, here to stay, accompanying us, affecting economies & companies in many ways.

Invited by the CEO of Dräger, an international leader in medical and safety technologies, Stefan Dräger to share my experience and expectations I illustrated  the bigger picture and patterns to expect, the new driving forces, the consequences. The substantial increase of external influence factors and impact, increasing volatility and partially requiring a shifting focus in business. Food for thought and inspiration.

As always, anticipation & preparation are a crucial base for success.  An eye opening input, lively discussions and the joint conclusion that Draeger is in a very good position to tackle these new challenges ahead.

➡️ STRATEGIC INFLATION DRIVERS  gaining speed and power.

➡️ INFLATION RESILIENCE of business models & companies – 9 criteria

➡️ ESG & SUSTAINABILITY – From business potential to business threat?

➡️ „GREENWASHING“ – From „good“ to real.

➡️ From „PRODUCT Competence“ to „PRODUCTION Competence“

➡️ From „OUTSIDE“ to „INSIDE“ – The substantial shift of business focus.


„Home coming“ to Dräger has been a special pleasure: 29 years after I wrote my Diploma Thesis here, 6 months being present in Lübeck and on the Dräger premises. Meanwhile a „Zukunftsfabrik“ has been built, but still a family owned company with a strong leadership and sense of responsibility.