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Heike Adam

Heike Adam is an Expert for ESG, Finance & Inflation. She holds a Diploma-degree in Business Administration from Humboldt-University Berlin and owns over 20 years of international finance and management experience at Dax companies Henkel & Beiersdorf. Today she is Partner at Theron Advisory Group, Advisory Board member of Intellisource GmbH as well as visiting lecturer of private university Euro-FH Hamburg.

Her broad ESG expertise has 4 pillars. The detailed knowledge on European and international legislation and the profound practical experience in build-up of global ESG-type reportings on company side. With the ESG strategy certificate of Wharton School she owns current global knowledge on dynamics, methods and integration in companies’ strategies. Her deep content understanding is result of 35 years of personal engagement in ecological topics. She recognizes implications, risks & chances early and can recommend relevant strategic options.

Her strategic and operational Finance Expertise is extensive and substantial. She held the Controlling position in management board, drove ambitious target achievements, developed flexible management concepts. External requirements such as annual financial statements, IFRS as well as risk management and control systems are familiar to her on corporate and local level. As head of controlling she designed and managed efficiency, restructuring and investment projects. Her vast experience is distinctively international, turn arounds in Southern Europe, production site moves in Europe, acquisitions & carve outs in US and globally, she lead the global Accounting Outsourcing  to an Indian provider.

Heike’s rare inflation expertise is based on her own practical experience. At Henkel she was an expert for high-inflation-countries, mainly in Latin America. She knows, how intensely inflation affects an economy and its companies. actively. Her advisory focusses on inflation resilience and impact on risks and strategy mainly from C-Level and Board perspective. Her “Inflation Market Model” is part of course offerings of Euro-FH Hamburg.

Heike has extended international experience. She worked & lived in the US & Italy, was responsible for Latin America and led various international projects. She is fluent in German and English, and speaks Spanish, Italian, and Russian.